New More Virulent Corona Virus identified

Dear Members,

The LA Times announced today that the Los Alamos Research labs, had identified a more virulent strain of C19.

As you know this is what happened in 1918, and it killed 50 million people.

This is why we need to stop the planes, as we have been saying since February. Not just because it spreads the virus but because by spreading the virus around the world, it massively increases the number of mutations.

By March a Lab in Iceland had identified 40 different strains. This is why testing is important because we can trace the origin of the strain back to its source and isolate the carriers. For example there is a Lombardy strain that evolved in Northern Italy. We know that the strains in the UK predominantly came from mutations of the original Wuhan virus.

By allowing the virus to spread, it will mutate, it is evolution. By allowing it to mutate a lot, it will mutate into more virulent and more effective killing machines. A Vaccine for Strain 1 won’t work for strain 2. If it taked the virus a month to mutate and we take six moths to develop a vaccine. We Lose.

If Los Alamos have identified a more virulent stream that explains why there are some mild symptoms and some more lethal ones, then this would explain reinfections, and the debate about immunity. As we have said since February. Immunity to Strain 1 does not ensure immunity to strain 2, and so on. If the virus is alowed to spread, it will mutate and we will have a whole range  of these killer virus’s cruising round the world on 747’s

Its not good for the airlines or cheap flights, but we must stop the flights, and quaranteen people at the point of departure for 14 days. Or whatever time period is neccessary.

Warren Buffet has pulled all his investments out of airlines and that is why.

It is also why US west coast deaths in the us are less than than those on the east.

LA              2,739

New York 18,719

This is also why London has been so badly hit. Heathrow is the number one hub for travel from all of Europe to New York.

As we keep saying STOP THE PLANES. Its not just killing people it is radically increasing the chances of new more virulent mutations

1918 Strain 1 killed 200,000 a bit like this one.

Strain 2 killed 50 Million

This virus is asymptomatic for 14 days and we have lots of flights. 18.1 million people flew into the UK in April. That’s 1/4 of our entire population.

Try to stay safe.


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