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Welcome to Matthew Smith of Complete Tenders.

If you are looking to compete for Public sector tenders then Matthew is your man.

He comes across as caring and knowledgeable – Always a good combination.

He is born and bred locally and wants to join us in helping local businesses to be successful.

So we wish him and his business partner Julian every success.

You can contact them on

This is Matthews 1 page A4 on the business


BIO for Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce Introduction

 About Us

 After starting out as a Chartered Town Planner and 10 years’ experience in writing successful tenders and business proposals, I set up Complete Tenders in 2015 with business partner Julian Quaife to give more businesses the opportunity to win contracts.  Julian’s background is in NHS services and over the years, we have both found that many organisations out there are struggling to access the public-sector market and achieve the benefits that a regular supply contract brings.  Changes to the procurement system has also meant businesses are finding it hard to hold onto the contracts they have.  Together we therefore set out to provide an outstanding solution to these challenges.

 I was born and bred in Welwyn Hatfield, went to the Ryde JMI and then Stanborough School where I began a keen interest in places and communities, how they work and how they develop successfully.  

 About Complete Tenders

 Complete Tenders provides bid management and tender writing services to businesses that need help to win a contract.  We assist them through the tendering process and navigating the often-complex procurement system; with a range of tender writing services that are flexible to support businesses of all sizes.  Our skills and experience as tender writers ensure an excellent return on investment, with a track record of helping secure new contracts for companies in a wide range of sectors.

 Our team has the experience you need to help you prepare an outstanding tender. We will advise on everything you need to know about the tendering process, help with tender documents, tender questions and submitting your tender response. We will work to your needs, forming a close understanding of your business to give you confidence and support that results in cost-effective bid management and tenders that win contracts.


 As professional bid consultants, we are strongly focused on providing the right tendering services for our customers and we have joined the COC not only to build relationships with other businesses that may need our help, but to learn from them what their challenges are so we can develop a better service. 

 Our born and bred ties to Welwyn-Hatfield also mean that we have an inherent desire to support local businesses and support them to achieve a greater success in the wider UK market.  This means having an eye on the budget constraints that smaller businesses may have, providing options and making sure that tender opportunities are viable.

 More info on our services and support for small businesses can be found here





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