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I would like to introduce you to Kerstin Holman. Kerstin started life in East Germany and was there on the 9th November 1989  when the Berlin Wall come down, in fact she was one of the first people through Checkpoint Charlie, and still has a lump of the wall at home to prove it. Kerstin then moved to West Germany prior to settling in the UK.

She has a wonderful perspective on life under the Stazi vs modern Europe vs the UK. I asked her “Would you like to go back?” her definative response was “Never!”

She is currently writing a book on the Subject.

Kerstin is also standing as Conservative candidate for Hatfield East in the upcoming council elections.

We wish her all the best. If you are interested in Beauty products for yourself or your other Half, then give her a call.

How about a Beauty Treatment for Valentines Day??

This is what she says about her business.


My Business – Marine Beauty Care Ltd.


I started Kerstin’s Health&Beauty in 1996 and combined beauty with holistic treatments to help people in many different ways and become a seasoned therapist. In 2001 I discovered an excellent Spanish cameo range of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle products and became a distributor. Bio-Col Cosmetics UK Ltd. was born.

The products were based on marine collagen and contained other precious ingredients for skin regeneration. We sold them very successfully on a TV shopping channel, in Selfridges, to dermatologists, beauty professionals and mail order customers.

After the supplier folded in 2008 we decided to rename and rebrand the company and replicate the products through an English laboratory. They did and made them even more natural. MarineRadiance and GlycoRadiance are suitable for all skin types and rejuvenate, repair, re-moisturise skin, which makes them ideal for mature skin and in treating skin problems and problem skin. They have also been used post-operatively or following laser treatment to support the healing process.

Furthermore, we are constantly sourcing the best as well as affordable products for our customers and import complementary products with cutting edge ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acid.

We do in-salon training, one to one sessions and hold seminars at colleges.

We use social media and e-mails to stay in touch with our customers and to extent our customer base.

Call me on 07788 478606 for a free consulation or send an e-mail to, our website is:


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