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John Acton

Having worked within global organisations for 30 years, the latter half operating at Board level, it’s true to say that John has experienced his fair share of consultancies. It was in his role as Executive Vice President for the    that he worked closely with DPI in 2005, 2008 and 2011.

DPI introduced John to an alternative approach to consulting. It was an approach that he liked so much…… he bought the company….. well, the European arm!

In a recent speech at the CIM’s Annual Conference, John explains what DPI does:  “DPI is passionate about helping businesses to strategically out-think the competition. DPI’s proven processes take their clients on a journey that allows them to debate, evaluate and formulate their organisation’s strategy together and to build an action plan so that they can effectively deploy their game-changing strategy.


Background to DPI

DPI was founded by Mike Robert – businessman, consultant and successful business author. Mike and his team emphatically worked with and studied the critical thinking skills of successful CEOs, from over 280 organisations, to develop DPI’s ground-breaking critical thinking processes.

These critical thinking processes have been deployed and enhanced for over 35 years by DPI partners around the world and they continue to remain the bedrock of our services.

DPI has worked with over 3,000 clients, on a repeatable basis, to help them to develop their strategy, protect themselves against disruption, innovate and manage complex situations through exceptional critical thinking skills.

DPI has recently developed an award-winning iPad app that helps organisations to re-engage with their people. This proprietary brainstorming app is known as ‘Pelotoning’.

Our Pure & Simple Processes

Using our processes to navigate your people, we work in partnership with our clients to help them to out-think, outmanoeuvre and out-plan the competition.

Our flagship processes are:

  • Strategic Thinking Process
  • Stealth Threat Process
  • CrADLE® Innovation Process
  • Situation Management Process


DPI Partners

Our Partners are emphatic in the common knowledge that our processes work. The success of our clients and the relationship that we continue to have with them act as our testimony.

We thrive on helping organisations to work together to develop a coherent, consensus-built strategic vision that will enable them to beat today’s competition as well as tomorrow’s.

By consciously opening an organisation’s eyes to trends that could potentially lead to a disruptive threat in its Future Business Arena, we help organisations to engineer a ‘change in the rules’ of its Sandbox (marketplace) and to become the Disrupter – not the disrupted.

Working with organisations to unearth new vulnerabilities, threats and opportunities we are passionate about helping our clients to stay ahead of the game whilst challenging and engaging with their people.




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