New Member – Coopers Grill House – Beehive Lane

Welcome to Jason and his team.

Charlie Wells has opened a new Bar and Restaurant, on the site of the old Beehive Pub.

This is a welcome addition to the local restaurants, and Charles Wells are a local Brewer, well Bedford, who have done a great job on the conversion.

With Starters for £6, Burgers for £8 and other main courses ranging from £10 to £15.

The exception being the Steaks, which I watched being cut off an aged and matured  lump of beef, no frozen stuff here! These come in at £17 to £21.

Anyway I’m popping in there this evening, so I will let you know.

To Book –  Call 01707 594194

For info see


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  1. AC
    | Reply

    might help if the website link to Coopers worked…

    • admin
      | Reply

      Andrew hi,
      Thank you for letting us know. I have told the team at Coopers, their website is on the way!!

      Also I had dinner there last night. Very good, Ribeye Steak and Malbec recommended!!

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