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Dear All,

Can I introduce Clive?

He is setting out in business, but clearly knows his stuff when it comes to those things that take up our time and don’t generate cash, so we sometimes neglect. If you are “struggling with juggling”, your business and your business premises, give him a call and see what he can do.

Clive Says:-

Hello, I am Clive R Godsave (FBIFM)

I am a commercially aware Facilities Manager with 48 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors. I am a Fellow of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

What is Facilities Management, why it is necessary and how I can help?

It is the management of the building(s) and the environment in which you work.

I can help by freeing you and your team to build your business whilst I look after those things that get in the way every day.


I would work with you to see what you have in place and advise you as to whether the operation could be streamlined to be more economical in both time and cost, providing a safe environment for you and your employees.

Avoiding costs to your business

I have seen some real nightmare scenarios over the years, and know that they could have been avoided. I have seen how difficult it can be to run a business and spin all those admin plates at the same time. It is so easy to miss something, that can:-

  • Affect staff retention;
  • Cost more if done piecemeal;
  • Could be more expensive and time-consuming if you have to carry out some of these duties if not planned and costed in advance;
  • Avoid costly oversights in lease compliance or other non-core requirements.
  • Take reasonable steps to advise on legislation affecting the management of the facilities.

My Costs to You

Typically I charge £80 an hour. An initial Risk assessment comes in at £250, thereafter I will report back to you and we can identify priorities which I would cost individually. If you prefer we can arrange a retainer which will guarantee you X days (to be agreed) a week and a 24 hour response time.

Next Steps

Please call me on 077  1424  3200 or email on and I will Call you.

Kind regards



Clive R Godsave (FBIFM)

 T/A Facsman

Mob:  077  1424  3200;


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