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Dear Members,

may I introduce you to Carl Langley from the Academy of Self-Actualisation. Based in Hatfield, Carl is building a business based around the path to wellbeing and physical excercise. Carl has a background in Councelling and has seen costs spiral over recent years. He is offerring a community service at an affordable price and I feel, deserves our support. He is hardworking, enthusiastic and wants to help. If you have members of staff who are feeling a bit down in C19 land, or who you are looking to support whilst they are working from home, either online or face to face, this might be a good place to start. Christmas present for key workers? 5 sessions for £30.

Start the New Year in a joined up, match fit, team based kind of way .

Your Chamber of Commerce – Building Business Confidence

Courses start at £6 a session. Bookable on their website

I would suggest Online as a start, so you can monitor what is going on.

For more info, contact Carl directly


Carl says


Individuals, Businesses, and Community serving  groups.


We want to make access to traditionally cost prohibiting services such as coaching and counselling available to any and all.  We want our clients to not only be grounded in the present, but to actualise their potential to face tomorrow’s challenges.  Through this work we hope to foster a resilient and innovative culture conducive for success.


We offer a range of mental and physical wellbeing services such as counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, Qigong, Goshin Ryu, Shotokan & Kung Fu kickboxing) and more.


Through workshops, face to face, virtual and physical sessions, we are highly flexible to your requirements.


Take care everyone.




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