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Dear All,

We welcome Krush (Pronounced like the Kroosh in “Crucial”) and her team, to the Chamber.

Krush is as bright as you like and has an unusual set of skills. Her background with Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and Deutsche Bank, give her an understanding of the strategic direction of your business, her time with L’Oréal, adds in branding and customer-facing elements. Yet she is young enough to relate to, and understands the mindsets of. our young people – often referred to as Millenials.

If you are looking to motivate a young team, or have managers experiencing frustrations with younger people, we recommend you spend some time with Krush.


This is what she says about herself and her business:-


Krushma Makwana (Krush) is the founder and Director of Krush Coaching. As an Organisational Development Consultancy, we believe in “Growing your Business by Growing your People”.

With an average of more than £1,000  per person per year, spent on the development of employees in 2016, it is critical to ensure this investment is providing a return on your business bottom line.

Are your employees attending training that will stretch and develop them in a way that is aligned with your business strategy and goals?

Are your employee goals and objectives aligned to that of your company?

Are your employees clear on what is expected of them following a training programme, and importantly,

Are your training vendors clear on the objectives and outcomes you expect to see as a result of those attending training from your organisation?

We are passionate about aligning the values of employees to the organisation and creating a sense of shared ownership towards a common goal, to improve individuals and teams performance. We take the time to understand your Business Goals, Vision, Mission and Values; what is most important to you and your employees to provide a truly bespoke service to improve your most valuable asset – your people, your competitive edge.

Krush has a 10-year career within the corporate sector, spanning from Investment banking (Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank), FMCG (L’Oréal) and Defence Organisations and has a balanced understanding of the inevitable challenges individuals face within organisations, whether that be with communication, business relationships, trust or personality clashes in the workplace. Having worked in investment banking during the economic downturn and for many years prior, Krush has the first-hand experience of working in high-pressure environments and the impact this has on individuals, teams and managers. Having developed a learning culture in a variety of organisations, we have an insight into what works and what does not across the organisation.

Krush Coaching provides Learning and Development support, Performance Coaching for leadership and management, non-managers and teams and support for working parents returning to the workplace.

For more information, or to discuss how we can support your organisation contact us:

07792 620112 | |

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  1. Liz Hancock
    | Reply

    I know Krush professionally and would not hesitate to recommend her work. If you’re looking for any L&D, Leadership or training help in your business, Krush Coaching will deliver!

    • nick brown
      | Reply

      Liz hi,
      Thank you for your support for Krush.


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