New Advertising Opportunity in St Albans and beyond

Dear Members

Local journalists Matt Adams and Laura Bill have left the Welwyn and Hatfield Times and set up on their own – congratulations. They are now running news media in St Albans, Harpenden and Berkhamsted. If you are looking to raise your profile a little further afield, please get in touch with them to discuss rates. Mention the Chamber.

Matt and Laura are both professional journalists of many years’ standing. On the national stage, Laura has interviewed many people from Boris Johnson to Rishi Sunak, while Matt has just recently met with the Home Secretary and Sir Ed Davey during the current General Election campaign. What more could you want? People on our side, who want to build businesses, raise profiles and sell ad space. They will be inventive and get you the best deals and placement, and work with you, to choose the best timings, alongside relevant stories, for example.

The St Albans Times is a digital-only magazine which is read by thousands of people each month, and offers space for advertising in the same way that you will find in any print publication.

The Harpenden & Berkhamsted Times is a news website which was launched following the success of the St Albans model, and has space for ads on the site, but no magazine.

Matt said:

Today the UK’s major media publishers are focused on chasing digital audiences through clickbait and breaking news, with fewer staff and less emphasis on proper journalism.”
“We were convinced that there is still an appetite for well-researched, detailed local news, and launched these models to provide readers with content which harks back to the core principles of journalism: accuracy, balance and accountability.”
“We would love to work with your members, providing them with access to a promotional platform totally different from anything else which is available in the area.”

Contact Matt Adams – 07702 679146

Contact Laura Bill – 07543 754713


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