MP’s Pressure government for C19 Support for those excluded so far

MP’s are at last putting pressure on HMRC to make C19 Support payments to those who have not yet received any.

It is interesting to note how the public sector have conveniently looked after themselves, sitting at home on full pay when they should have been organising PPE for our care homes. And yet they have ignored many of the people that generate the cash and pay the taxes, to pay their salaries.

David Davis has written to Rishy Sunack asking him to ensure that newly Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grants are paid the grant, however so far the Chancellor has refused, saying that only those self-employed who filed tax returns for the 2018-19 tax year by April 2020 qualified for support.

The Public Accounts Committee has asked the taxman to explain why 1.6m freelancers alone have been excluded from Covid help, let alone the 3m excluded overall.

Esther McVey, said:

“Too many of those who made the leap into self-employment have been denied desperately-needed help because of a quirk of timing.

“The Treasury already has funds that could be used for a scheme such as this: supermarkets have returned £2bn of business rates relief which they did not need.

“This money was returned in good faith and must be used to support businesses and individuals who have thus far had no support whatsoever.”


Far from showing support for business, this government and our public sector have shown nothing but contempt for the people who generate the cash to pay the taxes.

They have made payments to business rates payers. Why? because they know they would have lost the money anyway had they done nothing.


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