Michael Heseltine says Business must have a Stronger Voice – Are the LEPS the Solution?

You really need to watch this video clip. Michael Heseltine says that:-

“The Machine that seperates business from Central Government is not fit for purpose”

He refers to all types of government and the Public Sector in particular in all it’s forms. That is pretty powerful stuff.

When it come to helping businesses grow, we would ask the question:-

“Would you pay for your daughter to have driving lessons from someone who has never driven a car?”

If the answer is “No, that would be irresponsible, dangerous and a waste of money” –  you would be right.

So don’t take business advice from someone who has never run a business,

They are self serving and downright Dangerous. This is Why Business Link failed.

Are the LEPS making the same mistake? We will see.

Click Here to Watch this Video very Funny and Inspiring.


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