Meet Claire Perry MP Transport Minister

Claire Perry comes to Welwyn and Hatfield Conservatives as guest of Grant Shapps.

20150715 Claire Perry

Claire Perry MP for Devizes and Minister for Transport talked abouit the importance of infrastructure and the opportunity that building rail links delivers for local British businesses. I will be dropping her a note tomorrow to see how this could help local businesses in Hatfield.

Interesting discussion ranging from Isambard Kingdom Brunel  to Hitachi.

We started discussing the benefits over overseas investors vs UK innovation. Looking at Jobs and Cash vs Intellectual property, taxes and profits being being taken overseas vs being kept in the UK and local economies.

Claire repeated the importance of a locally based supply chain.

On a lighter note the Original Broad Guage Railways at 4ft 8 and 1/2 inches were based upon a Roman measurement decreed to the the space necessary for a two horse Chariot to pass safely at speed.

So now you know.

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  1. A Downs
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    The lighter note about the broad gauge is incorrect. Brunel’s broad gauge was 7ft and a quarter inch. The 4ft 8 and a half inch gauge to which you refer is ‘standard gauge’ and is commonly used throughout the network today

    • admin
      | Reply

      Dear Anthony,
      Apologies for the delay in responding, I have taken a short holiday, then played catch up.
      Thank you for your thoughts around Standard Rail Guages, I am sure you are corect, somehow nearly 5 ft seems a little too large. Perhaps I have been watching too many westerns with maidens in distress tied across the lines.
      Have a good evening.


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