March HR Review

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An eye-watering record

According to the Guardian newspaper, Dr Farhan Hussain Zaidi began 99 discrimination claims against 15 NHS trusts between October 2012 and July 2013.  Moorfield Eye Hospital alone faced 75 claims.

Dr Zaidi claimed he had been discriminated against during recruitment on the basis of religion, race, age and as a result of whistleblowing. While I cannot comment on the merits of his claims, it does emphasise the point that you don’t have to employ someone for them to make a discrimination claim.

Be careful what you say at every stage of the recruitment process.  For more advice, please contact me.

A little more to think about?

If you have employees that work alone, it’s worth thinking a little more carefully about their health and safety.  Take a moment to consider:

  • What lone workers do you have?
  • What about the person who is first in or the last out of the door?
  • Do they have any medical issues to consider?
  • Are they doing anything particularly dangerous, eg working at height?
  • How would they summon help if they needed it?
  • Have you done all that you reasonably can to protect them?

For detailed information about how to protect lone workers, please click here.

Oh no, not them! 

If you call an employee into a disciplinary or grievance hearing, they have the right to be accompanied by:

  • An employee
  • A union representative
  • An official certified by a union as having experience or training in acting as a workplace companion.

You can ask your employee to tell you who they intend to bring to the meeting.  As long as they fall into one of these categories, you must accept their choice.

Statutory Payments stay the same

The Government has proposed that statutory payment rates, such as Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, etc, will stay the same for 2016/2017.

For details of the current rates, please click here.

Free workshop

I am delighted to be taking part in a free workshop with Wenta called “Hiring Your First Employee” on 18th March 2016.

In this issue:

How to avoid someone making a discrimination claim, even if they are not your employee.

Considering the Health and Safety of your lone workers.

Learn who can accompany an employee in a disciplinary or grievance hearing.

Statutory payments update.

Details of a free Wenta workshop “Hiring your First Employee”.

Contact Debbie Glinnan at Parallel HR for more info


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