Mansion House Visit and Lunch at Guild Hall

Our thanks to Alan Warman for organising this event. A pleasure to look round the Lord Mayor’s London residence and see his staff in action in today’s fast changing world. The Sense of confidence, achievement and our influence across the world is hard to miss, and provides an object lesson to our parasiteocracy, in getting off you back side and making things happen.

It was good to see the Chambers of Commerce represented in the treasure vaults all be it from Abu Dhabi!

I think the pictures speak for them selves. If anyone in interested in running such an event please contact me and we will see if we can help. Alan also organises an number of musical events across the year.

From Frans Hals – The Merry Lute Player to Vermeer. Then Through the Great Halls where the Chancellor dives his annual mansion house speech, and into the Vaults where the Lord Mayors collection of gifts and curios are kept. These include his Gold and Enamel chain of office which dates from 1545.

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Mansion House 6

Mansion House 4

Mansion House 7

Mansion House 5

Mansion House17

Mansion House 2

Mansion House 3

Mansion House18

Mansion House 10

Mansion House 1

Mansion House 16

Mansion House 8

Mansion House 15

Mansion House 11

Mansion House 14


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