Looking for Online Sales for a Closed Businesses?

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If you are a pub a restaurant or a retailer with a Cafe, and you have been shut down by the government, how do you feel about serving the community and making some money, to help keep the economy turning over?

Clearly the objective is to stop people meeting, not stop them eating. Or other trading opportunities.

If you would like us to Host a front end ordering system for you, we can help you to get up and running quickly.

There will be a small charge, but it will be a fraction of the normal cost, and the solutions are designed to be functional, rather than comprehensive. Which is why we can get you up and running quickly.

If this is of interest please email me on nick@welhatchamber.co.uk

Please see below for more details, and a link to a typical template.

It would predominantly be for cafes, pubs, restaurants etc that can stay open/wish to provide take away and delivery. Can of course be used for other businesses too with goods that are in demand or for people that can’t get out.

We would create a page for the products to list and optional extras can be added to each menu item, we can specify a delivery time also.

Payment would be via Paypal only for ease and speed and we can offer to help set this up. Paypal fees are 2.9% + 30p per transaction.

Flat fee of £249 + VAT to set up for up to 50 items, anything over or more bespoke please speak with us for quotes etc.

There is a very basic example at www.stationbistro.surfpenguin.co.uk just to show you (working progress), obviously it can look much better than this but just shows you options if you want to add to the above content.


Matthew Hussey

Creative Director
Absolute Creative Media




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