Job Seekers Allowance

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the national JSA Claimant % has dropped to around 3.2 %. Our new Employment Minister Esther McVey attributes the national “drivers of growth” to an improving export market, along with a growth in science based industries and self-employment.

The obvious question being – Is this less people claiming or more people getting jobs and what kind of jobs.

Well the employment numbers released on Wednesday 16th October make interesting reading.

The National Employment figures show 29.87 million up 155,000 this quarter, up 279,000 this year and up 1.028 million since the election with the rise being driven by growth in full-time and permanent jobs. That’s a really positive sign of growth in the UK economy, and a credit to British businesses for creating those jobs. The figures for the East of England compare favourably with our other regions showing Employment up by 36,000 this quarter, and up by 183,000 since the election. The 183,000 figure being the highest regional increase outside London.”


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