Invest in Start Ups Yes or No?

Ted Talk Bill Gross

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Founder of Idealab has started and invested in 100’s of companies


Clearly Bill is a believer in Startups, and yet he was concerned about why it is that so many fail.



Bill has identified the 5 factors that over 20 Years he felt were the keys to success

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And yet Start-ups with all the advantages kept failing, so he decided to look at some of the successes he had been involved with on the top row, and failures on the bottom row.

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To eliminate IdeaLab bias he looked at Non idealab businesses, Successes on the top, and failures on the bottom

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What mattered most was Timing, with the team coming in a close second.

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Please note that all these businesses had fantastic support and loads of funding and yet the vast majority still failed.

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CLICK HERE to see video

What did not feature in the Video was Infrastructure, and Funding was the least important element.

My personal experience of running a number of businesses over 30 years is that it is the timing and the team that matters.





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