Innovate UK – Grants for Innovation

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Innovate UK are the Government body who provide grants to help with Innovation.

The grants are substantial £50k to £5 million.

Their selection criteria are strict and only a few get approved.

We have explained that this is why businesses don’t apply, namely we all have past experience of these applications being a waste of time, and hence a waste of money and resource.

Howard Partridge at Innovate UK has listened and sent over the links below to help members to better understand their selection criteria.

If you have innovations in the science and engineering area this might be worth a look.

Innovate UK are also running an event in Cambridge on 21st February. CLICK HERE for details

Or Email Howard on

  • However, if they want advice on whether their ideas are suitable and on how to strengthen their proposal, they can contact the Enterprise Europe Network (which does much more than it says on the tin).







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