IMF puts UK ahead of Eurozone as fear mongers shamed

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Source Daily Express.

On this our first day out of the EU, but with the negotiations still to be finalised, it is worth remembering that the Conservative party we voted in to “Get Brexit done” is still stuffed with career following remainer MPs.

If brexit has shown us anything it the extent to which the people we pay to look after our interests will go to look after their own. Do you remember the scare stories about how all the banks will leave London and the Financial services industry would be decimated. Well left to the remainers that might well have happenned. However the day after Brexit the complete opposite has been proven to be true. Bottom line is that these remainers were either incompetent or were deliberately misleading us.


Please read the rest of this article by Joel Day below.

AS EU banks flood in and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) puts the UK ahead of the Eurozone, post-brexit Britain looks to economically prosper. Thousands of EU banks and financial services businesses are preparing to flood into the UK and open new offices. Meanwhile, the IMF has placed the UK ahead the Eurozone and Germany in its latest economic forecasts.

Both moves suggest that the UK may in fact prosper off the back-end of Brexit, rather than the gloomy forecasts that once predicted much of the Square Mile – London’s business district – fleeing to mainland Europe following the UK’s departure.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by consultancy, Bovill, revealed some 1,400 EU-based firms to have applied for permission to operate in the UK after Brexit.

Over 1,000 of these are planning to establish their first UK office. Among the total of 1441 applications are those from 134 EU/EEA banks.

The figures suggest that the IMF expects post-Brexit Britain to outperform the economies of the Eurozone and Germany, even during the turbulence that has befallen on the UK with it’s final departure from the EU.

Facst4EU, a research centre, observed: “The first report uses data provided by the Financial Conduct Authority and the second is from the International Monetary Fund. Remainers were delighted to use information from such organisations when they promoted Project Fear.

“We are sure that these Remainers must now be delighted to have been proved so wrong by the subsequent and positive facts, figures, and events.

“The IMF says that the UK will outperform the Eurozone for the three years from 2019.”


Thought for the day

“How many £Trillions have the remainers cost our children by delaying brexit for 3 Years?”

What is the true cost of that in terms of pain, suffering, mental health, homelessness etc?  It is a staggering responsibility, and a price that everyone else is paying, just for the protection of some public sector jobs which will have to go anyway. I suppose they just did not care so long as they kept their jobs another year. To put that into perspective the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham (Our biggest single site hospital with 1213 beds) cost some £500 million = 400k a bed. More locally the Lister cost £150 million to refurbish ( with 730 beds) at some 200k a bed.

At £200k a bed, £1 trillion would buy 5,000,000 new hospital places. that would help. We absolutely must get control our balance of payments currently minus £100 billion a year. So we must trade with Europe and the Rest of the world.

£100 billion is equivalent to 500,000 new hospital spaces every year.


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