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Dear Members,

We have received a copy of a Home Office internal briefing, seeking to reassure their staff.

We think this advice is just wrong. But it does show what is really going on in government.

It basically says that the Virus is just another Flu Virus, and that Flu kills 500,000 people every year, that they are young and have nothing to worry about. They also say that using alchohol based hand sanitisers, strips the skin of its natural oils and defenses. That we should use soap and water to wash off the virus.

Lets hope that this is accurate, and that it is no worse than flu.

To me the difference is three fold

  1. All the experts are vehemently disagreeing with and contradicting each other, that’s not normal.
  2. The people dying seem to have particular weaknesses, again this is different.
  3. People are infectious for two weeks prior to first symptoms. This seems to me to be a game changer.

However this is what they are saying in the Home Office briefings.

Here’s the Evidence

Credit to The Sun newspaper for the graphic.

Stay well



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