Hill Music – Welwyn Village – Honorary Membership

Every once in a while, the Chamber grants an Honorary Membership to a Company or Organisation that has been serving their community for years and continue to offer a considerate and caring service. I was playing at a concert in Birmingham on behalf of The CareAbout Foundation, supporting the local community in Bloxwich, and realised, at short notice, that my music stand had gone missing. Calls to Amazon and John Lewis were unable to help. No delivery slots till after the concert, no ability to pick one up locally.

I searched for a local music shop, (perhaps I should have done that first) Hill Music, in Welwyn Village, had one and were able to help. The feeling of support that I had and common human decency, was very refreshing. We ignore our local shops at our Peril.

Hill Music supply all things for Cellos, Violins and Violas. they are currently running a promotions on strings and sheet music.

If you or or family play or know people who do, try Hill Music and support our local community.

Hill Music. 5 the High Street Welwyn AL6 9EE.      01438 715 849   hillviolins@BTConnect

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