Hertfordshire Police – Lowest Burglary Charge rate in the Country

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Following the recent stabbings in Welwyn and Hatfield, the Chamber has decided to Raise the Profile on this matter.

I have been in touch with David Lloyd the Police and Crime Commissioner, (Who’s first public appearance we sponsored in John Lewis) we have his full support.

The fact of the matter is that there a lack of Police presence, which has resulted in a rise in Lawlessness, culminating in a member of our community being badly assaulted, staff in the local Coop being covered in Blood, when going to help, the need for the cost of private security firms, shop lifting being widespread and commonplace. There is currently very little deterent. The Police claim Prevention as an aim. They are not delivering against that promise.

Further this lack of prevention and growing lawlessness is putting our front line Police Officers in very real danger, resulting in PTSD and the associated downward spiral of time off work and even less resource. Let’s find a way for the business Community to support the Police so it feels like we are on the same side. Not Us and them. That starts with identifying the problems. That they exist. What they are, Where they are happenning, how frequently, the effect they have and and how we can tackle them. Local Firms might want to Sponsor Video Doorbells, in poorer areas. I don’t know yet. Any thoughts greatfully received.

As many of you know I run the Army Benevolent Fund ABF Charity for the County. We have video evidence of a known, repeat offender, ripping our Charity box from the bar of the Cheiftan pub. The Police, following 10 attempts by our committee to get some action on this, have done everything they can to obstruct that process.

This is why Hertfordshire have the worst burglary/charging the offender rate in the Country.

The Telegraph have just published burglary stats for the Country.

The Met have an 8% Charge rate. In Hertfordshire it is 4 times worse at 2%.

See https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/03/03/police-fail-to-solve-single-burglary-in-half-of-country/

You can check out your own postcode there.

We are running a campaign through our National Brand – The CareAbout Foundation see www.careabout.co.uk


Please take 30 seconds to fill in this Survey and we will reply to you with a Graphic showing what everyone else thinks, for comparison.

We undetook a similar excercise with West Midlands Police, at the invitation of Jan Berry then Chair of The Police Federation. This is now an ACPO Best Practice Case Study. So we have some experise in this area.

This is important. Help stop the rot. We need some data, to present to drive change.

The survey is deliberately top line. Please let us know your specific concerns in the Text box at the end.



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  1. Garry Murray
    | Reply

    I was burgled in 2018 and despite the police catching the offender (who had just been released from prison for aggravated burglary) with my personal items, he was only charged with possession of stolen property. He fundamentally said it was not him and they accepted his denial.
    When a friend was burgled and he contacted the police they asked why he didn’t report the crime asap, he made reference to my experience and how I felt betrayed at them letting my offender go, to which they replied “THAT’S NOT TRUE, THAT CASE RESULTED IN A CONVICTION”!
    Here is my problem! My burglary was no more solved than a sex offender getting a speeding ticket on the way home from offending. Just because someone is charged with an offence relating to the crime it does not mean the case is solved, yet my burglary was added to their “clear-up rate”.
    It is my contention that the police are guilty of deception and believe that they are outwitting the public with clever rhetoric and are ultimately falsifying their records.
    In short, I do not believe they have even solved 2% of the burglaries reported to them, Why would they need to go through the hassle of convicting burglars when they can just falsify their records with misdirection such as “That case resulted in a conviction”.

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      Dear Mr Murray,
      Thank you for your note.
      Yes it does appear that a lot of public sector time is spent meeting KPIs rather than solving problems.
      This is not new
      “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly,
      while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
      Plato 428 -348 BC

      Interesting that in this case it is our Police Force

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