GDPR – Some practical help

Dear All,

As 25th May fast approaches – the deadline for implementation of GDPR. We should consider that on the face of it this has teeth and no doubt the EU will look to make an example of someone.

This article is designed to give you a starting point and to help you understand what is involved.

I have seen many documents designed to scare you into action, this one is designed to help.

If you are not sure, phone a Lawyer who can explain it to you. Avoid those who say it is complicated. You need solutions not confusion.

The page below is a simple action point list to follow. It is one page of a 20-page document, which you can download here  GDPR Guide.

If you have doubts contact Liz Appleyard at Tollers on 01604 258 558.



Please Click on the image below to enlarge the document.



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