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Lee Freeman – Auditel – Carbon Neutral


I am on a mission and that mission is to help companies who are looking to manage and reduce their carbon footprint.  I want to help organisations to become Carbon Neutral in a way that doesn’t cost the earth.  The commitments made at COP 26 by nation states are going to reshape the global business agenda which will create opportunities and increase risks for business in the coming years.

In the current challenging economic climate, organisations are battling with the desire to drive growth and profitability, whilst investing in low carbon emitting technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and speed up their journey to achieving Net Zero.  Many organisations believe the changes that they will have to make to achieve net zero will be time-consuming, costly and with all the conflicting information, a little daunting.  This is far from the truth, as there are many incentives to help businesses become greener and leaner.

Using our procurement expertise, we make sure any action taken to improve your environmental credentials have a strong and potentially self-funding business case, because we truly believe that being Carbon Neutral doesn’t need to cost the Earth.

I help my clients on their Net Zero journey by simplifying the process and use a simple four step process shown below to achieve that.


Auditel have partnered with the British Standards Institute and assist clients towards achieving their PAS 2060 certification, which is currently the only internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality.  This enables a business achieving this standard to brand their business as Certified Carbon Neutral which will bring numerous benefits.

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