Franchise Myths and Secrets

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Our thanks to Carl French for his inspiring insights into the world of franchising, the reasons behind the success of organisations such as McDonalds, and how these competitive advantages can be of real benefit to nearly all businesses.

Carl looked at mechanisms for growing your business:-

Treating your service as a first class product,delivering reliable, consistent and convenient service to your customers and how documented processes and procedures can improve quality control and efficiencies ie gross profit in your business.

How Critical Resources need to be identified to focus activities and maximise margins

How a Predictive Sales Process, can bring more certainty to your business model

So the Learning piece was:- How do you get to the point where each time you crank the marketing handle you get a known return on activity, that can be channelled into your your key resources in a manner that is consistent and predictable so you can scale it to increase growth.

Carl French


If this feels attractive to you please contact Carl Directly on 0845 582 0144


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