Express Yourself – Down the Woods!

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Please see our monthly column in the WH Times.

Our thanks to Martin Munro of TAB for Sponsoring the “Down The Woods” Charity.

Caroline Langley and her team do an excellent job of getting kids out of the classroom, off their tablets, into the woods and engaging with nature.

This helps them to find themselves and interact with each other, in a way that is for them to discover for themselves.

Very powerful and empowering, at the same time. They form teams and play to each others strengths. If your child is being demanding, why not give it a go.

There are facilities for parents as well.

Take care



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  1. Martin Munro
    | Reply

    Connecting with nature by walking in the woods and countryside with my dogs or with my family and friends has given me immense pleasure over the years and look forward to each week. I am delighted to have sponsored Down The Woods whose work enables others to experience the benefits for themselves .

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      Martin hi, Thank you for your support on this. Helping kids to find their own feet and engage with their surroundings, in their own way, is the start of the path to wellbeing and innovation. It is important, and increasingly rare.
      The point is that it is their journey, their voyage of discovery. It belongs to them.


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