Export News – Event Hatfield House 29th April 2016

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We are running an event with Grant Shapps and UKTI at Hatfield House on 29th April. You will probably have read about Grants recent resignation, which was his choice and was for very honouranle reasons. What you might not know was that he resigned from the Ministerial Posts for DFID. International Development and Foreign Office Minister for Africa. As I have said before The Cabinets loss is our Gain.

At the event which is Sponsored by Santander Bank, and others TBC, we will be looking at Government Support for exporters, Access to Payment Card Technology and the opportunities they represent for ease of overseas trading. and Santander’s Overseas Database which they are very pleased with.

As a bit of food for thought, this weeks Economist published figures on Economic Growth and Population Trends.

20160129 Export Growth

I know that Grant is familiar with and has developped good contacts around Africa (OK its a big place) Did you know that the whole of the US would fit in the Sahara Desert?

Nigeria has just overtaken South Africa in GP terms as the largest Country in Africa, though they are currentlty being hit hard by the low Oil prices. These graphs open to different interpretations, so we supply them for your information.

What we are definately trying to do is to gain access to export markets for todays UK products that will become tomorrows products overseas, and looking to break down and simplfy those barriers.


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