Experienced Staff that can support your business and work from home

Dear Business people

As you know, it is vitally important that wherever possible we keep businesses running as usual during these unusual times. We may not be able to meet face to face, but we can continue to trade and provide services, so long as we have the staff to help. Today I met (on Zoom) with our Ambassadors and we discussed how we can help businesses in the Three Counties area. One key area is to provide access to an experienced staffing resource that can bring skills to your business to support.

Our Ambassador, Wendy Johnstone has many years’ experience of providing outsourcing services to businesses. Her experienced, flexible associates are accustomed to working from home. They have technology in place and are incredibly self-motivated.

If you looking for:

  • People to delegate to give you time to re-structure your working arrangements?
  • People to bring in expertise around remote working, management and systems?
  • Additional flexibility with reduced staffing costs in changing times?
  • Extra capacity and experience to help you grow into new markets?
  • The ability to contact all your existing customers to firm up those relationships?

Then please visit www.welhatchamber.co.uk/wendy-johnstone and tell us about your priorities at a very top line level. Wendy or one of her team will be in touch to set up an online meeting.

Wendy Johnstone facilitates business growth by knowing what works. Her team has built a learning organisation that provides flexible resource and skills. As a Chamber Ambassador Wendy is a respected business-person with a reputation for solving problems and getting results. Wendy delivers a rare combination of innovation and attention to detail, that allows you as a business owner to delegate with confidence. You will be kept informed as to progress, results and any barriers on an agreed basis. Free up your time to deal with whatever the coronavirus has thrown at your business, your staff and family.

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