The Power of Asking – Be Better Online Communicators – Masterclass

The Power of Asking - Be Better Online Communicators - Masterclass


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Dear Members,

We are exploring communications in a Hybrid world. In any event whatever happens with Covid 19, having great online communications, enables you to spread the reach of your business beyond face to face meetings.

Susan Heaton-Wright, has had to reinvent her face to face Speaking and Voice Coaching business, and has done so very effectively. Mastering both the IT, and the content. Impressed.

So we are exploring working with her team, to jointly develop more content, that will help you and your teams to be better communicators.

Susan says

Have you ever wondered why some people win dream opportunities? Even if you are working hard, and deserve that dream position; the doors just don’t seem to open for you. Yet other people ‘Have all the luck’.

As the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

The 30 minute session will include:


  • Why  it is important to ask
  • What is stopping you from asking
  • The rules of asking
  • What you could ask for
  • 2 great case studies, where individuals’ lives were transformed by ASKING!

And more! There will be a chance to ask questions if there is time and the session is recorded and available to anyone who registers. Book your place!

You can book on the link below.

The next one is on the Power of Asking on 29th June at 1pm.

Take care


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