Invitation from Lady Verulam to her Exhibition in Fitzroy Square


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
2a Conway Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6BA

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Dear Members,

We have a limited number of tickets to The Private View of Lady Verulam’s Recent work, at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery off Fitzroy Square. (0207 436 4899)


Here is an example of Lady Verulam’s work, Beside the Sea, Cornwall 2016

Lady Verulam is an excellent speaker, charming, and as the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, is the Queen’s representative for the County.

The causes that are particlarly close to her heart, are the worrying increase in mental illness amongst our young people, and the increasingly disconnected society in which we live.

These two are of course closely related.

At the Chamber we are always looking to join up right minded people so business can contribute to our communities and be a force for good. Clearly the Chambers’ involvement can facilitate and advise the best course of action. Our Consultant in this area is my friend Dr Neil Deuchar. Neil is ex Head of Mental Health for West Midlands, and has done a great deal personally to engage with local people, particularly the homeless. In fact his CIC Company Egalitarian comprises a board of ex homeless people.

From a business perspective this is about hope and opportunity for youth, linking in with innovation and apprenticeship schemes.

There is a real role for business here, not just as sponsors but as organisations sharing with the community to build confidence and wellbeing.

For Example we have worked with Zoe Hancock and Mike La Traille at Oaklands College to make “Community Photography” part of the A and AS level curriculum for this year. This will result in an award being made at CPRE’s Rural Living Awards and the photographs being on display in County Hall for a week. The competition is for young people to record the things “They Care About across the County”, Thereby engaging with youth and introducing them to professional photographers with a view to their future careers.

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