Franchise Myths and Secrets that Every Business needs to Know


7:30 am - 9:30 am


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Orion House
Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City AL7 1HH, Herts, AL7 1HH

This Free Event is very informative, and provides insights that will be relevant to your business. Carl is a very experienced business man with expertise from the very large to the relatively small, from IT via Project management and marketing to e-Publishing, Carl speaks with vision, knowledge and an understanding of what makes things tick.

Franchise Myths and Secrets that Every Business needs to Know

Why should you be interested in franchise myths and secrets if you are not a franchise?

Some of the most successful companies in the world are franchises and in this talk from an acknowledge franchise expert, Carl French, you hear how some of the key secrets of their successes apply to any business.    These are things you can take and apply to your own business even if you never want to franchise it.   You’ll hear some heartening success stories (some very local!) and also about some traps and pitfalls that too many people fall into.

But that’s not all. There are many popular misconceptions about franchises that also have wider relevance and could affect you and your business   or those you know or advise.

 About the speaker.

Carl French has spent over 14 years as a specialist business advisor in the area of franchising and licencing.   He is currently a director of Replico Ltd.     Carl mostly works with successful businesses that want to grow by setting up a franchises but he also advises larger franchises on franchise recruitment and franchise performance improvement.




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