Chamber Networking PLUS

Date(s) - 09/01/2019
10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Great North Road Business Centre


Monthly Networking meetings for people that are passionate about their area of expertise and care about growing their businesses.

Over the coming months, we will build some real insights into how to grow your business both safely and sustainably.

Our objective will be to take a customer focussed view that helps you to answer the following questions

Who are you best Customers? GP – Shared Values – Quick Payers – Fun

Why are you in business? – Your Brand – Your Beliefs – Your Values – Your Skills

What do you do? – The proof you believe – Your Services – Your Integrity

How are you building your business? – Sustainability – Fun – Finding the right customers

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We start by looking at WHO your best customers are and trying to identify why they are of value to you.

The January meeting is about Identifying your best customers


I think that the difference between successful and unsucessful customers, lies in the composition of their customer base.

If your business is fun, you have the right customers

We will be discussing the following Questions:


  1. What is Pareto’s Law?
  2. Who are your best customers?
  3. Do you measure your gross profit on each invoice?
  4. To what extent does each customer share your vision?
  5. What level of contact do you have?
  6. What is your depth of contact in your customer organisation?
  7. If you main contact left – What would happen?
  8. Do they pay your invoices on time?
  9. How demanding are they?

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Our thanks to Richard at The Great North Business Centre for use of the Venue. If you want to contact him CLICK HERE  It’s a great venue.


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