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The Chamber Growth Club

“Building Safe and Sustainable Businesses”

“Be Prepared” for your next opportunity.

This month’s presentation is on The Importance of Bookkeeping in the Modern Era – by Cubed Consultancy

It’s very easy to overlook the importance of bookkeeping and the useful role good modern bookkeeping can play in a business.
This presentation by James Husband – Manager – Senior Chartered Accountant at Cubed Consulting provides a sound understanding of why accurate bookkeeping lays the foundations for a business to grow and thrive in the modern era.

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The Chamber Growth Club will be inviting you to a series of events, on the third Wednesday of each month. These are designed to help you and your staff to “Be Prepared”, for whatever life throws at you. We believe that being prepared creates opportunities.

We want our events to be thought provoking and to help you to Take Action. We are currently thinking about this in terms of “You don’t know what you don’t know”. If you could come to the meeting thinking about the current opportunities in your business, we will try to introduce you to people who can provide insights, based on experience and solving problems.

At each meeting our Ambassadors will introduce themselves, by completing this sentence

The one thing most people don’t know about “Their subject area” is “………………”

For example,

The one thing most people don’t know about Marketing is that Our customers want to feel cared for.

We take decisions based on emotion then post rationalise.


At our online Conference Events, you can

  1. Sit at a table with people considering the same opportunites (See Table Layout)
  2. Become Involved – Provide feedback as to your future areas of interest
  3. Obtain a Free Checklist before the event, of questions you should be able to answer for your business. If you can’t answer some – “You are not Alone”.  This is where you can gain some insights, to help you and your team. Please see the Dropdown Pages on
  4. Join a supportive club of like-minded people
  5. If you want to follow up on the conversation you can book appointments there and then ***
  6. If you would like additional online training you can join The Chamber Growth Club and gain access to online training and CPD tests and certificates.
  7. Mix with people who deliver these solutions for a living, have real insights, from extensive experiences, are decent people, who have your best interests at heart and are accountable to each other.


“We are committed to continous adult development and creating Learning Organisations”

“If you want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If you want to Go Far, Go Together”



*** Please note that we want to work with organisations that want to grow their businesses, to innovate and and help each other. This is not about get rich quick sales. Safe and Sustainable growth is about working with people and building trust. Not selling to them.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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