Europe – In or Out?

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Europe? – That is the Question of the moment. It could tear the Conservative Party to pieces as it has in the past, David Cameron has a small majority and is marshalling his forces accordingly.

The battle lines are, in my opinion, aligning in the following manner. The very big organisations and the civil servants who want to maintain the status quo are pro Europe, and the Innovative growing firms that are excluded from that club and want to get on and trade with the world upon a level playing field, to prosper and address our balance of payments.

In a fast changing world where we need to innovate to be competitive, to reduce our debt, and not leave our children in a hopeless position the choice is between freedom and the self serving red tape of bureaucracy.

There are of course those large organisations who want to work with the innovative firms, hopefully they will thrive in international markets. The rest are already obsolete – They just dont know it yet.

Roger Bootle of Capital Economics is a man who understands these things better than I do. I would encourage you to read his book The Trouble with Europe However you can hear his opinions on this Video Link if you prefer.

In summary he says, Europe is getting less important compared to emerging markets. It is becoming increasingly burdened by Red Tape. There is no economic arguement to stop us getting out. In the Short term there would be some adjustment, In the medium term we would be better off and in the long term we would thank our lucky stars.

He says Greece should get out from Under. Very interesting and an informed view of the things the rest of us just suspect are going on. Read it and become better informed.




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