EU – Richard Harrington MP makes the case for Remain – We Respond for Leave

I have had a few people suggest that we should be more balanced in our approach to the EU referendum. Given the track record of our Government I struggle to see why, but in the interests of a full debate here are the thoughts and rationale for the Remain campaign, from Richard Harrington, one of our most proactive and engaged MP’s and my response to the rationale.

It is interesting how opposed the views are. It basically comes down to our self belief. If we believce we can Govern ourselves and trade with the World, we should vote leave. If we want to be a subsidised hand out economy, a vassal state of Germany then vote for remain.

Here is Richard’s Letter in Blue. My responses in Red

Richard Harrington MP

Member of Parliament for Watford

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


Dear Nick,

Thanks for your email, it’s very much appreciated.

I have always believed that we are better off as part of a reformed European Union and so I will be campaigning for us to remain in the EU.

Good Start, Conviction Politics. We know your opinion and can vote accordingly.

This is a decision that will impact an entire generation and so, of course, it’s something that I’ve given a lot of thought to.

It will impact on far more than a generation. Our whole way of life is at stake.

I have believed for many years that the best way to protect our jobs and maintain our security is to remain inside a reformed European Union, and to continue to work to reform it from within.

The EU is irreparably broken, and morally and financially corrupt. The EU plane is about to crash. Youth unemployment France 25%, Italy 39%,  Spain 45%, Greece 52%

Jobs are not secure.

The reform from within argument, does not wash. We have been and would continue to be ignored because the French and the Germans believe that

The people exist to serve the StateAn ever closer unelected and unaccountable Bureaucracy.

We conversely believe that

The State exists to serve the People That is a Democracy

 Let me ask

“Why would you want to take our decision and law making processes away from us and our children’s children’s children, and give them to a bunch of unaccountable, unelected, French and German bureaucrats, who do not have our best interests at heart?


That David Cameron was able to secure a special status for us – not part of an ‘ever closer union’, no part in bail outs for the Eurozone, Parliament blocking unwanted EU laws and keeping the pound, shows that change is possible and that we can influence reform inside the EU.  


“Special Status” let’s be clear this is a myth. The EU is on the verge of collapse. They are desperate. If we vote to remain they will force us to comply with whatever regulations they want. You Don’t Agree?  Then be careful, in Cyprus last year, the banks collapsed, and asked for help. An EU bureaucrat arrived, pushed the Prime Minister out of his office and took the decisions that the depositors would lose half their money to reduce the banks’ creditors.

Have the Germans, having been bailed out themselves in the 1950’s helped Greece to restructure? No they have crippled them with debts that the Germans created, and the Greeks can never repay. This may well be the agenda, put everyone into debt and control things that way.


Businesses and families need certainty and stability. Remaining inside the Single Market provides that stable foundation for prosperity. Looking at Watford as an example of this, several multinational companies are headquartered here because they can have the best of both worlds: a talented workforce and easy access to the Single Market, one of the world’s largest and most successful trading blocs. Half of our trade is with Europe and millions of jobs rely on this trade. This is not the time to put those jobs and our economy at risk.

Peter Lilley was the Trade Minister who negotiated the Single Market, so he knows what he is talking about. He Says LEAVE as fast as you can. Companies are here because we all speak English, have the best education system in the world and are the 5th largest economy in the world. I addition we are close to Europe but without all that crushing bureaucracy. Let us be very clear about this. When we leave the EU trade with Europe will not cease. In fact it will increase as we become more efficient, innovate and create new jobs trading with Europe and the rest of the world.


David Cameron’s project of reform was necessary and it will continue to be. We all have those moments of frustration with the EU, but we know what those problems are and our Government and representatives in Europe work to resolve them.

Moments of frustration?? Our Country is filling up with immigrates equivalent to a city the size of Newcastle every year!!! Our Hospitals are overflowing with people who have contributed nothing to them and yet those who have paid for generations are in pain and dying up and down the country quite unnecessarily. We cannot even get a place at our own schools (that we have paid for) and where we do, the class does not speak English. How can you teach in those circumstances?

You have not solved these problems in 30 years, because they did not exist 30 years ago, the EU has created them.


We do not know what ‘Out’ will bring. Many people are frustrated with European migration to the UK and pressures on housing, schools and infrastructure; others are concerned about the financial costs of being a member of the EU. But being outside the EU doesn’t automatically resolve these problems.

See above

From what we have seen, no country has been able to get full trading access to Europe without accepting either paying into the EU or accepting free movement of workers. Alongside that, we would continue to be bound by their regulations on goods we sell to Europe, but lose our seats in forums that determine these rules.

See Peter Lilley’s arguments on this. See Search for Peter Lilley. He completely disagrees with the above statement.


Europeans in Britain add a huge amount to our country, just as British ex-pats in Europe do. But it’s unfair when people come here and can immediately access our welfare system, so it is right that this has been reformed. Child Benefit sent overseas will be reduced and EU migrants will not be eligible for in-work benefits for their first 4 years here. They also cannot claim Job Seeker’s benefits whilst looking for a job and will have to leave the country if after 6 months they have not found work.


Why did you not fix this 30 years ago? Far too little, too late, and demonstrates exactly why we need to Leave. The EU created this problem. Don’t expect them to solve it or claim credit for mitigating it. Just get away from the misplaced mindset that created the problem.

I would say that LEAVE looks like:-

Freed up British Firms that can innovate and trade round the world

A new lease of life unencumbered by crippling interference from self-serving empire building bureaucrats.

The Ability to make our own Trade agreements unencumbered by the interests of 28 conflicting states.

A Belief and Freedom of thought that will inspire us all to a better world. There is no chance of that within the EU. We will just become another debt riddled region of Europe, begging for crumbs off the table.


Just as we don’t know what ‘Leave’ would look like, we do not know which challenges lie ahead for our country. But one thing we do know is that they will require a coordinated response. Of course, we would continue to do this at the G7 and NATO. But why extricate ourselves from our close neighbours, who face the same threats from terrorism, Climate Change and Russian aggression as us?  The global environment right now is so fractious, violent and unpredictable that I believe we must continue to work with our allies as closely as we can. And we must remain close allies, because the peace we enjoy with our neighbours is invaluable. As my late father who served in the war knew well, it was once unimaginable. The European Union as a concept alone has not brought that peace, but the forum for discussion between 28 nations it has provided and the free trade which is at its core, have assured this.

Let’s be clear about Security. NATO has maintained peace in the World since 1945.  The EU conversely has courted with Ukraine to destabalise the old USSR resulting in the rise in popularity of Putin, and his support of the Assad regime in Syria. These interfering unaccountable bureaucrats are extremely dangerous, and not only to our economy.

The British Military are overwhelmingly for Leave. The EU would take over our defence. They say not, but last week there were EU tanks on Salisbury Plain under the command of an Austrian General. We had no say in the matter. Last year at the Trouping of the Colour, the Salute was taken by the German Ambassador. I was there. It felt very uncomfortable.

This is our last chance to Stop this nonsense. Please put Country before Career.

My vote is just one of millions which will be cast on 23 June and we all have an important choice to make. Your view might by different to mine and I respect that absolutely. However I will be voting for Britain to remain a member and I would encourage you to do the same.

Just as a final note, do you think that it is right that the Government should come out on one side or the other in such a referendum. I don’t. If for no other reason than, because it is clearly so biased, no one will accept the vote if it goes for remain. What we have established beyond doubt is that Cameron and Osborne have been blatantly “misleading” us. (Mervyn King described it as a “Gross Exaggeration”)

So in the Words of Ron Dennis to Ayrton Senna “It is never too late to change your mind”

Kind regards

Nick Brown


Thanks again for your email and please just let me know if you’d like to discuss this or anything else with me, as I’d be happy to.







Richard Harrington MP

Member of Parliament for Watford

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

30 The Avenue, Watford, WD17 4NS

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