Cyber Crime – Protect Yourself Guide

Dear Members,

Those of you who attended our Cyber Crime event Sponsored by Assign IT will know that this is a problem for all businesses. If you have not been effected, then it is When? rather than If? it will effect your business. I know a business who lost a week’s production. Cost the £250K. Not funny.

The Problem with most Cyber Crime events is that they frighten you, but provide no solutions so we have worked with Assign IT to produce this Infographic, on some simple steps you can take to protect yourself. No Guarantees but hopefully the criminals will hit easier targets, than yours as a result.

If you get a chance Print This Out and Stick it on the Notice Board so your staff can see it.

To Download the Printable file CLICK HERE

Right Click on the Image and Copy Image Then paste into a word doc and print.


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