Cyber Crime – How to Protect your business

Those of you who have attended our Cyber Crime Events will know it is the fastest growing crime in Hertfordshire, indeed across the country.

I have heard some real horror stories with people losing weeks of production and costs of several £100,000’s

If you infect your biggest customer with a Virus, how will that go down?

Anyway, I have seen a lot of scaremongering and not many solutions. The Police are doing their best but playing catch up, they lack resource and expertise and it is all too late for you anyway…

SO… We have linked up with Prof. Andrew Jones and his Cyber Crime Lab at Herts University, and we are going to produce monthly documents on the practical steps that you can take to reduce the risk to your business.

Disclaimer – This information is provided free of charge. It is intended to help you better protect your business. However, no guarantee or warranty is provided, and no reliance should be placed upon the advice.

I dont want people calling up saying we did this and it did not work! If you are concerned get your cheque book out, these are a self help guides.

These are the areas we will be covering over the coming months starting in January 2017


  1. Password Security
  2. Data backups
  3. Encryption
  4. Staff Access, Need to Know Areas.
  5. Staff Training
  6. ANTI virus and Malware
  7. Firewalls
  8. Anti Spyware
  9. Obsolete kit, proper disposal
  10. Physical security, stop people walking out with usb
  11. TBC
  12. TBC

Watch This Space



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