Cyber Crime Event

Great Event.

Thanks to St Albans and Watford Chambers for their support, in running this event, also to the Old Albanians Rugby Club for hosting the event, good food great venue.


So the basic Advice was around prevention preventing 80% of all cyber attacks.

These Cyber attacks are now very common. If it has not happened to you yet it probably will. It can also be costly both in terms of lost sales, recovery costs and loss of reputation.

There are lost of scare stories. but I know a local firm who did not take the advice below and lost three days of production. What would that cost you?

Some advice

  1. If you find a USB Stick in the car park, destroy it. Do not plug it into a machine to see whats on it.
  2. Watch out for single points of failure on internal IT resources. It is worth having an external support company with a reputation to loose, just to check you are covered at the basic level.
  3. With all security don’t leave yourself wide open. Criminals look for easy targets. Don’t be one of them
  4. Passwords are pretty easy to crack. Use longer passwords, along with upper lowercase and alpha numerics. It is all about the number of combinations. N factorial!
  5. Have off site backups. If you want a solution that works, very cost effectively, £100 a year, get in touch its what we use.


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6. Install anto virus software and anti Malware Software. We recommend Bitdefender

7. Run all your Windows and other software updates. Phill talked about Update Tuesday, and Opportunity Wednesday, in that Microsoft publish their fixes on Tuesday, which tell crimjinals where the opportunities are on Wednesdays. So it might be a good idea to reboot your machines every Wednesday morning.


Finally if you do get hacked you should contact the numbers below. Click on Picture to enlarge.





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