Covid rent arrears write off Deadline 22nd August 2022

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Dear Members

If you have rent arreas because of Covid 19, you need to address them now!

see below the Advice from our Chartered Surveyor.

Send the letter by recorded delivery, with proof of receipt. I know of landlords who simply denied receipt of similar letters, and subsequently won in court.

Take care.

Hi Nick,

Following our chat earlier today, as discussed, the Government put in place a procedure whereby a tenant who built up rent arrears while closed as a result of Covid 19 can seek to have some or all of that written off by an Arbitrator if his business cannot afford or would be adversely impacted by having to pay it off.

The deadline for making Covid 19 Rent Arrears Arbitration applications is 22nd September 2022.

However to use this a tenant who built up rent arrears between April 2020 and July 2021 by being “mandated to close” by the Covid 19 legislation (mostly shops, pubs, restaurants), has to have notified his landlord of his intention, in writing, to use the Covid 19 arrears Arbitration procedure by 22nd August 2022 and what amount of arrears he will be seeking the Arbitrator to “write off”.

As discussed I had one business approach me recently highlighting that it has built up a lump of arrears and was proposing to sell of some of its machinery that it was using in its business to pay it off.

Plainly that would highlight such would be not affordable.

Anyway, the clock is ticking for anyone who is in an “unaffordable” arrears situation.

Kind Regards


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