Covid 19 June Figures – WARNING – Active cases rising steeply locally

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Since we failed to stop the planes from India despite the raging pandemic there, it is estimated that some 50,000 passengers returned from India, over 1000 of which were carrying the Indian or Delta Variant. It is thought that the Current Variant has double the transmisibility of the Phase one variant and between 60 to 80% higher transmisibility than the Kent Variant.

In any event, the Delta variant is taking over at an alarming rate.

This is particularly prevalent in the UK. Why? because we failed yet again to stop the planes. It is also because we have effective genome tesing systems run by the Welcome Foundation – Thank you. It is thought that other countries will follow. This is not over yet.


Locally cases are steeply on the rise. I have subscribed to the ZOE App, from Kings College London. Some 5 million data sources, collected in real time. Shows over 17,000 new cases today not the 10 or so declared by the Government.

The Real Hotspot locally is no longer Bedford but St Albans. The darker the colour the greater the number of infections.

Let us hope that the Vaccine program is effective, that the number of hospitalisations and subsequent deaths, are far below those experienced previously, that Long Covid does not effect the young, and that this virus does not mutate into something even worse and vaccine resistant.

Whichever way you look at it, this was an unnecessary risk that gambled with people lives. Unfortunately this will be a lasting legacy for this government. In failing to stop the planes, they repeatedly made the same mistake and cost tens of thousands of lives.

Please see post dated Feb 2020

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