Covid 19 Excess Deaths – True figures over 3 times worse than declared

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Dear members

I picked this up from the Economist, the excess deaths figures compared to previous years are a more reliable datasource, as to the full effects of the pandemic.

Even in the UK there have been significant variances. Excess deaths over 200k not 127k attributed to Covid 19.

Let us hope that the Indian mutation, does not devastate the UK the same way that it has India.

Our government has repeatedly taken the wrong decisions. New Zealand stopped the planes 26 Deaths in total.

Our Government went for Herd Immunity. There is truth in “Stack the bodies high”, because they completely failed to understand / chose to ignore, the basic mathematics of exponential growth that non symptomatic virus’s deliver. This is not hindsight see Blog of 19th Feb 2020, and subsequent posts.

They have not just put lives in danger. They have killed 200,000 people so far.



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