Council Grants – Rankings

Dear Members,

I thought you might like to see how well your local council is doing in supporting your local community, by getting you your own business rates back so you can pay the staff, and keep employment and the economy going.

CLICK HERE  to see the rankings. Some Councils have already processed over 90% of the grants,

with WHBC languishing in 190th place with just less than half processed. That is £8 million that should be in our local economy that isn’t. It’s just a payment run to 1110 businesses. You just run it overnight. They must be processing it by hand, at 50 a day for 10 days. There is no possibility for fraud, they can see they have your money.

Mind you that is better than Luton, with less than 10% distributed.

Also remember that if you pay by Standing Order or Cheque, WHBC is expecting you to apply, or YOU WONT GET PAID See below for details and Where to apply. CLICK HERE

They Know Who you are and where you are. Just do a Cheque Run!!


Stay safe




Business Rates Grants

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