Corruption in the Prison Service

As an Army Veteran, Michael Riley, was disgusted by what he found in his second career in the Prison Service. He worked hard, attaining the rank of Deputy Governer. The higher he got, the less comfortable he became, and the more he found himself excluded and exploited. This is a story of the abuse of trust and the consequences of top down control, at the heart of the Criminal Justice System.

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Not the Life of Riley: A Deputy Prison Governor’s whistle blowing exposure of incompetence, corruption and fraud in HM Prison Service and the wider Criminal Justice System 

Problems in prisons, corruption in the public sector, assaults, escape, gangs, drugs and much more. Uncover some of what can happen behind the scenes in the UK prison system.

Michael served in the British Army during the troubles, serving nearly six years in Northern Ireland before entering the prison service of England and Wales as a uniformed officer, working his way up to become a Deputy Governor with over 20 years operational experience.

This book is about Michael’s personal experiences and observations. He describes cliques which he believes operate with impunity in the higher echelons of HM Prison Service and the wider criminal justice system. He provides his own evidence of institutional incompetence, corruption, and bullying used by these people to deal with those who uncover their villainous behaviour. He describes how, in his experience, they use policies, rules, and regulations of the system to support their narcissistic, nefarious groups whose purpose it is to destroy any threat to them and protect their abuse of the public purse to feed their greed.

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