Corporate Catering from Waitrose WGC – Sushi and Sashimi

Dear All,

OJ our General Manager at Waitrose has just Launched an amazing Sushi bar.

Rather than getting sandwiches at £3 a go for lunch or your clients, Why not get in some Sushi?

More Fun Less Money!!


Min the Bar Manager will explain your options, all made by the Chefs, great value for money.

Call 01707 373400 press 3 then ext 264 for The Daily Platter Hotline


Double Click on Image to Enlarge.

There is also a comprehensive menu with a real variety from Maki The seaweed Rolls with your favourite fillings, to Temaki, Verde, Crunch rolls, Genmai with brown rice, and Chirashi.


Did you know you can even get Sushi Desserts Maki Chocolate Banana or Pineapple 6 pieces for £2.90 !!!?


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