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Dear Members,

As you know, we have been campaigning for the Government to Stop the Planes since February 2020. Where we are bringing UK nationals back home, quarantine them. In the US the Army are building hospitals capable of handling 15,000 patients in 4 days. So we can Quarantine them. This self isolate and infect your family, will come back to bite the government just like the Pals Regiments in the First World War where entire families and villages were wiped out.

Anyway back to STOP THE PLANES

The US are by far the worse hit.

Look at German deaths per million of 31 plays UK 118. They were 4 times better prepared for the virus. If they could do it WHY NOT OUR PUBLIC SECTOR. They are also ahead of the curve.


Now watch this video. Also look at the number of planes in London, and where they are all flying to and from.

Why have they not stopped the planes? Because we are not all in this together. There is one rule for “The Entitled” and another for the rest of us. Problem is that we are paying for it by providing the money, and “The Entitled” are not only failing to protect us, they are compounding the problem. That is probably not sustainable.

WATCH THE VIDEO its staggering (My new favourite word), Nick.

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  1. Martin Munro
    | Reply

    The comparison with Germany is staggering and surely the most compelling argument for more testing. What I am less clear about is the benefit of stopping the planes, given the social distancing measures now in place here.

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      Martin hi,
      Yes fair point. It is difficult not to generalise. Clearly we need to repatriate UK nationals. My concern is that I know of people returning from New York last week, getting off the plane, and onto a tube, no checks no leaflet, no nothing. It beggars belief that our public sector can be so negligent and callous with our lives. They are digging mass graves in New York.

      Also planes are a particular source of concern, in that whilst as I understand it they have effective Virus filters. There is a high likelyhood of cabin crew being super carriers and infecting people. So avoid the Aisle seats.


  2. David Walton
    | Reply

    Sky News just reported that 15,000 people are still entering the UK by aircraft every day, unchecked and untested (as at 14.05 17/4/20). I am shocked that flights are still being allowed. As mentioned, this puts everyone at risk from aircrew to public transport workers, etc.

    Unless they are stopped or FAR higher controls put in place, including compulsory testing, how can this virus be controlled?

    • Nick Brown
      | Reply

      David hi,
      Spot on. People just walking off planes and getting on the Tube. This is why there are so many deaths in London.
      This would be easy to fix. Thousands of civil servants sat at home on full pay. Get them doing something useful.

      We asked Grant to Stop the planes in February 2020. The Government took the WHO advice, We said its wrong. Why take the risk?
      We now know it was wrong.

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