China Approves Hong Kong Security Legislation

Dear Members,

It looks as if China is going full steam ahead with its plans to destroy democracy and Human rights.

It also looks as if the world will react. This could have a number of consequences for your supply chains and investments in the short to medum term.

Hong Kong seems to have tipped the Political balance. China are not just exploiting their own people, they are now looking to exploit the free world. That is a game changer because it creates the politocal will to do something. You will remember the power of McCarthyism, the Reds Under the Bed, cold war.

It’s coming again

As part of ths new world order, we need to consider our role and our allegences. There will be musical chairs going on, and our way to ensure a seat at the table, is through Innovation.

This is the area upon which we need to act.



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