Candidates for our New Prime Minister

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After the debacle of the last three wasted years, I feel it is important to choose someone who is not a bureaucrat, that is someone with a vision of a better world and the skills to get us there.

Frankly, it is not at all clear to me that any of the candidates possess the necessary skills, so this blog is aimed at giving you some insights into who these people are.

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” ~Japanese Proverb


I thought this was quite telling, in that it provides an insight into the real agenda.

I would say that Dominic Raab is looking good, for someone to take us out of Europe on the best terms.

I am not sure how much I trust Boris, supposedly the members favourite. Remember last time? Also Steve Norris has reservations.

Raab is a lawyer and understands the process. He also had the integrity to resign over the Chequers stitch up.

Incidentally, if you are being asked to pay £50 to join the conservative party so you get a vote, just remember you have to a signed up member for three months before you qualify to get a vote. So it is probably already too late.

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Source Brexit Central and Guido Fawkes

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