C19 Testing – A possible solution

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A Massachusetts firm appropriately called Bio Bot, is testing sewage for the C19 virus.

The Virus is far more prevalent than we thought – That gives an opportunity re testing.

This is interesting because

  • They believe that in an area where traditional testing had identified 500 odd positive tests, they believe the true number is 100,000
  • The Asymptomatic nature of this virus is such that many more people have it than we think
  • This is why having imported it wholesale in to the uk by plane in March, we now have  the transmission rate increasing towards 1 again.
  • Everybody has a toilet, so the sample is representative of the population.
  • By collecting samples every hour for 24 hours from a water treatment plant you can be confident you have a representative sample
  • It cheap, and you can test lots of people at once
  • It test Asymptomatic cariers, who still excrete the virus
  • It enables you to identify, which populations are growing in transmission rates and which are not
  • So you can concentrate you medical and testing resources.
  • This effectively tells you where it will hit next.
  • I dont know if it can identify different strains (No Pun intended) of C19
  • It could certainly help with take up on the phone App, “We have identified that your area is the next hotspot, protect yourself with this app”
  • It also explains why the UK new cases has remained so obstinately high. The virus is far more prevalent than we think. It not there might be one carrier in a supermarket. It is safer to assume that most people in a supermarket are potential carriers.
  • This is why we should all wear masks and gloves.

Check out the video below


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