Businesses sought and for sale – Northern Home Counties

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Businesses Sought & For Sale Register (No. 105 May 2021)

Here is the latest register of the Businesses Opportunities Register from the Corporate Finance Network for whom our Ambassador Andrew Watkin is the exclusive representative in the northern home counties district.

Through the register,  he offers a selection of businesses for sale and acquisitions sought as well as other investment opportunities.

Andrew increasingly meets business owners who have decided they no longer want to work in their businesses. They want to do something different. In particular, most find that at their age the risk of the investment to grow the business is best suited to a younger generation. Had they been in their early 30s they would have made the investment.

Is now the time to pass these opportunities onto others with an appetite for growth.

Andrew can help them here by creating plans that will give them the maximum amount of money in their back pockets so they can do these new activities free from their business.  As a chartered accountant he can spot both potential and pitfalls, and work with business people to find solutions based on their individual circumstances and visions for the future.

If you are exploring, succession planning, or looking for the next challenge, now might be a good time to contact Andrew Watkin, on 07860 898452

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