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Market Intelligence and Businesses Sale Register (No. 109 October 2021)

Dear Members,

Here is the latest register of the Businesses Opportunities Register from the Corporate Finance Network.

Please contact Chamber Ambassador Andrew Watkin for more information.


He Says:-

“Please would you look through it for deals that may be of interest to you, your own contacts and forward the enquiries to me

I am increasingly meeting business owners who have decided they no longer want to work in their businesses. According to a recent Royal London survey, 64% of over 55s are planning to travel more once the pandemic is over  While others are hoping to tick off once in a lifetime experiences.

They want to do something different. In particular, most find that at their age the risk of the investment to grow the business is best suited to a younger generation. Had they been in their early 30s they would have made the investment.

They have decided now is the time to look at the next stage of their lives and what funds do they need to enjoy a happy retirement. The value in the business may play a key part of that fund. How can it be realised.

However, many plan for the next stage of their lives leaving it too late. They make errors – shares not in the right hands to minimise the tax liability; lured into a deal when there is only one buyer and poor presentation of the business to a buyer.

All in all, money can be left on the table. So, business owners should start planning for the next stage of their lives. There is a greater the chance of reaching a happy retirement.”

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